Considering rural populations are historically difficult to reach, an important component of this research revolves around improving survey techniques in rural areas. To address this issue, a web-first Tailored Design Method (TDM), utilizing a mixed-mode of internet and postal mail surveys, was adapted to research the quality of life experienced by rural families. Aided by the Iowa State University Center for Survey Statistics and Methodology – Survey Research Services, data were collected from 62 rural counties in Arkansas. Socioeconomic-demographic factors were examined regarding survey response mode (i.e. mail vs. web) with some differences found. Logistic regression results demonstrated males were less likely to use web only responses compared to females. Similarly, higher education and income levels were associated with an increased likelihood of utilizing web response methods opposed to the mail-only response mode. Overall, the web-first TDM approach seems effective for garnering responses from harder to reach populations and should be considered when surveying rural populations.

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