Reels: Unknown Locations


Race Recordings, Columbia V. 11


Various Artists




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Send Me to the 'Lectric Chair / Bessie Smith; Them's Graveyard Words / Bessie Smith; New Jelly Roll Blues / Peg Leg Howell Beaver; Slide Song / Peg Leg Howell; Weary Feet / Ethel Waters; Take Your Black Bottom Outside / Ethel Waters; Drinking Shine / Rev. William Mosely; I've Been Redeemed / Rev. William Mosely; Tain't what you Pay to get a Thing / New Orleans Willie Jackson; Railroad Man Blues / New Orleans Willie Jackson; Alexander's Rag Time Band / Bessie Smith; There Will Be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight / Bessie Smith; Mississippi Heavy Waters Blues / BBQ Bob; Mama Don't Suit Me / BBQ Bob; That's Why the Undertakers Are Busy Today / Clara Smith; Black Woman's Blues / Clara Smith; Louisville Special / Earl McDonald's Original Jug Band; Rocking Chair Blues / Earl McDonald's Original Jug Band; Dying Crap Shooters Blues / Martha Copeland; Mister Brakes-Man / Martha Copeland

Subject Headings (Library of Congress)

Goldstein, Kenneth S., 1927-1995; Folk music; Ballads; Bawdy songs

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