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Race Recordings, Columbia V. 6


Various Artists




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Dry Bone in the Valley Pt 1 / Calvin P Dixon; Dry Bone in the Valley Pt 2 / Calvin P Dixon; Nashville Women's Blues / Bessie Smith; I Ain't Going to Play Second Fiddle / Bessie Smith; Go Back Where You Stayed Last Night / Ethel Waters; Down Home Blues / Ethel Waters; JC Holmes Blues / Bessie Smith; I Ain't Got Nobody / Bessie Smith; My Two-Timing Papa / Clara Smith; Kitchen Mechanic / Clara Smith; Nobody's Blues But Mine / Bessie Smith; M Man Blues / Bessie Smith; New Gulf Coast Blues / Bessie Smith; Florida Bound Blues / Bessie Smith; Let Go My Hand / Sam Manning; Bungo / Sam Manning; You Can't Do What my Last Man Did / Ethel Waters; Maybe Not At All / Ethel Waters; I've Been Mistreated and I Don't Like it / Bessie Smith; Red Mountain Blues / Bessie Smith

Subject Headings (Library of Congress)

Goldstein, Kenneth S., 1927-1995; Folk music; Ballads; Bawdy songs

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audio recording


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