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The Wanton Seed / Ewan MacColl; The Mower / Al Lloyd; The Bird in the Bush / Frankie Armstrong; A Lusty Young Smith / Ed McCurdy; The Weaver / O.J. Abbot; The Maid Gaed to the Mill / Ewan MacColl; Hear the Nightingale Sing / Mrs. Jack Keating; The German Musician / Peter Bellamy; The Clipper Ship / Owen McBride; The Farm Servant / Al Lloyd; Nancy and Johnny / Harry Cox; My Husband Has No Courage in Him / Frankie Armstrong; An Old Man Courted Me / Peggy Seeger; Home Drunk on Saturday Night / 2 Boys, 7th St Gang; Three Old Whores / Jean Redpath; Nine Times a Night / Al Lloyd; The Dog's Party / Dave Cooper; Rum-She-Iddity / Sara Cleveland; The Lobster / Arthur Argo; The Bastard King of England / Oscar Brand; The Good Ship Venus / Unnamed Englishman; The Ball of Kerrymuir / Jim Croce; The Bloody Great Wheel / Arthur Argo; The Sexual Life of a Camel / Cisco Houston; A Modern Ballad of a Cuckold / Ed McCurdy; Smoke, Shit and Fuck / John Hartford

Subject Headings (Library of Congress)

Goldstein, Kenneth S., 1927-1995; Folk music; Ballads; Bawdy songs

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with Rosalie Sorrels & The Traumas


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