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Bawdy Songs (#2)


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The Ball of Kerrymuir / Cisco Houston; The Sexual Life of a Camel / Cisco Houston; The Lehigh Valley / Cisco Houston; The Old She Crab / R. Dyer-Bennett; The Tailor's Boy / R. Dyer Bennett; O Fereeda / Pete Seeger; The Ball of Bellymure / Peter Seeger; Josh Wants his Baby Home / Josh White; The Maid Gaed to the Mill / Ewan MacColl; She was a Rum One / Ewan MacColl; Jock Hawk's Adventure's in Glasgow / Ewan MacColl; The Maltman / Ewan MacColl; We're Gayly Yet / Ewan MacColl; The Wind Blew the Bonnie Lass's Pladie Away / Ewan MacColl; Blow the Candles Out / Ewan MacColl; A Modern Ballad of a Cuckold / Ed McCurdy; A Little Son / Ed McCurdy; When I Put the Blocks to Nellie / Ed McCurdy; The Sea Crab / Hiram Cranmer; Boring for Oil / Hiram Cramner; Bang Away at Lulu / Hiram Cramner

Subject Headings (Library of Congress)

Goldstein, Kenneth S., 1927-1995; Folk music; Ballads; Bawdy songs

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audio recording


Recorded on Apex Equipment; 324A


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