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Various Blues (#5)


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Satisfaction Blues / Rufus and Ben Quillian; It's Dirty But Good / Rufus and Ben Quillian; Cannon Ball Blues / Lillian Glinn; Wobble it A Little Daddy / Lillian Glinn; What's Your Price / Lena Wilson; My Man O War / Lena Wilson; Sweeter as the Years Roll By / Blind Willie Johnson; Take your Stand / Blind Willie Johnson; Sweetest Daddy in Town / Ora Alexander; Men Sure are Deceiving / Ora Alexander; Jumping Jody Blues / Wily and Wily; The Sweet Reedie Brown / Wily and Wily; Southern Can is Mine / Blind Sammie; Broke Down Engine Blues / Blind Sammie; Need a Little Sugar in My Boure / Bessie Smith; Safety Mana / Bessie Smith; Holy Roll / Rufus and Ben Quillian with James McCrary; Workin' it Fast / Rufus and Ben Quillian with James McCrary; [indecipherable] Blues / Ruth Day; Painful Blues / Ruth Day

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Goldstein, Kenneth S., 1927-1995; Folk music; Ballads; Bawdy songs

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