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Berry Fields and The Stewart Family / Side 1




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(Content List): The Berryfields o' Blair / Belle Stewart; Conversation about foregoing / Belle Stewart; Spoken Intro to Frank and Ruby Bride in Baniff / Belle Stewart; Frank and Ruby Bride in Baniff / Belle Stewart; Hatton Woods / Cathie Stewart; Queen among the Heather / Belle Stewart; Overgate / Belle Stewart and male chorus; The Homes of Donegal / Belle Stewart; Butcher o Crieff / Belle Stewart; The Twa Brothers / Sheila Stewart; Boys of Bluehill / Belle Stewart; The Ten Penny March / Belle Stewart; Pipe March / Belle Stewart; The Reel o Tullcoh / Alec Stewart; Leaving Ardtornish / Belle Stewart; The Stewarts o Berrybank / Belle Stewart; The Bonnie House o Airlie / Belle Stewart; Betsy Bell / Belle Stewart; I'm a saft country chiel / Belle Stewart; The Banks o the Red Roses / Belle Stewart; O I wish I had Never Seen your Face / Belle Stewart; O' Kathleen Mavoureen / Belle Stewart; Noo My Fathers Name is Alec / Sheila Stewart; Conversation; Bogie Bonny Belle / Sheila Stewart; The Orange and the Blue / Sheila Stewart; Over That Hill Lives a Lassie / Belle Stewart; If I was a Blackbird / Belle Stewart

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Goldstein, Kenneth S., 1927-1995; Folk music; Ballads; Bawdy songs

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audio recording


Selections from evening concert tapes


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