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ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings; CBS Evening News with Dan Rather; and NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw



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Some of the images and language that appear in the digital collections depict prejudices that are not condoned by the University of Mississippi. This content is being presented as historical documentation to aid in the understanding of both American history and the history of the University of Mississippi. The University Creed speaks to our current deeply held values, and the availability of this content should not be taken as an endorsement of previous attitudes or behavior.


ABC World News Tonight hosted by Peter Jennings. Topics discussed include: the war in Afghanistan; rescue of eight foreign aid workers from the Taliban; spotlight on what life is like in Kabul, Afghanistan with the Taliban gone; airport security measures and the federalizing of all TSA screeners; information from flight recorder of American Airlines Flight 587 that crashed into a neighborhood; excerpts from tapes of the United Flight 93 hijacked on September 11; and the effect of the September 11 attacks on life in San Francisco. Followed by "CBS Evening News" with Dan Rather. Topics discussed include: the Taliban retreat in Afghanistan; search for Osama Bin Laden; war in Afghanistan; President George W. Bush on rescued aid workers held by the Taliban; hunt for the possible September 11 hijacker; investigation into the crash of American Airlines Flight 587; airport security; recent meeting of President Bush and President Vladimir Putin; humanitarian aid for Afghanistan; stock market; and weakening job market. Followed by "NBC Nightly News" with Tom Brokaw. Topics discussed include: investigation into the crash of American Airlines Flight 587; airport security; economic stimulus bill; war in Afghanistan; Osama Bin Laden; failure of President Bush and President Putin to agree to missile defense shield deal; rescue of U.S. aid workers held by the Taliban; Bush administration's plan for military tribunals; stock market; and the daughter of the former mayor of Kabul returning to Afghanistan after two decades.

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War on Terrorism, 2001-2009; Afghanistan; Civil defense -- United States; Taliban; September 11 Terrorist Attacks, 2001; United Airlines Flight 93 Hijacking Incident, 2001; Stocks; Current events;

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