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By Frank Trippett Xlibris (Hardcover, $31.99, ISBN: 0738822388, 8/2000; Paperback, $21.99, ISBN: 0738822396; Ebook, $8.00, ISBN: 0738888419) This collection of essays, by award winning Time magazine essayist Frank Trippett, is a brilliant look in the rearview mirror at the American scene during the 20th century. The author's incisive, lyrical, and often wry observations touch on salient truths about American culture, politics, and history. "Hymning & Hawing About America is an engaging, challenging, occasionally iconoclastic, and highly recommended collection of forty-two essays by Frank Trippett on American culture, politics and history. The pieces range from the psychology of gambling to an analysis of flag burning. Trippett writes with an easy wit and an engaging wisdom that readers will find as informed as it is informative, as thoughtful as it is thought provoking." ―Midwest Book Review "Frank Trippett had a stylish elegance; a calm capable of rage at the right moments; and a wit that could at once floor you and leave you smiling." ―Roger Rosenblatt, Editor-at-Large at TIME Inc. "Frank Trippett was one of the liveliest, funniest, and wisest writers. In his essays, you hear a touch of the preacher, a lot of the story-teller and satirist." ―Lance Morrow, Essayist "I read Frank Trippett's novel Child Ellen and found it moving and full of Faulknerian insights. His essays were models of stylish restraint." ―Stefan Kanfer, Author and former Time Books Editor "Frank Trippett was one of the really mind-blowing talents of his generation as a journalist, essayist, and story teller. He always dealt with the most dangerous commodity around―truth." ―Bill Emerson, former Editor-in-Chief, The Saturday Evening Post

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