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James A. Autry


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By James A. Autry Smyth & Helwys (Paperback, $16.00, ISBN: 1573124842, 1/2007) James Autry, author of Looking Around for God, thinks that the true message of the old spiritual is not just that God has an eye on the sparrow—it’s that God is demonstrating that if these details are worth God’s attention they are certainly worth ours. It may be that we will more readily find God in the details of this world—and of our own lives— than anywhere else. Looking Around for God, Autry’s tenth book, is in many ways his most personal, as he considers his unique life of faith and belief in a God often clouded by church convention. In assembling these personal essays, stories and poems, Autry strives to share how God has been revealed in many different circumstances of his life, while at the same time offering a few ideas for how the Christian church might better serve in making God’s love and presence manifest in the world.

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