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Beth Henley


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By Beth Henley Dramatists Play Service (Paperback, $5.95, ISBN: 0822218771, 1/2003) “Revelers [is] a powerhouse of poetic dialogue… This lighthearted comedy with undertones of despair is a frolic well worth taking.” —Southern Dutchess News. THE STORY: The play takes place in a cottage on the shore of Lake Michigan where devotees of Dash Grey, the charismatic artistic director of Chicago’s Red Lantern Theatre, have come to commemorate his death. Jasper Dale (Dash’s ex-lover) is in charge of the elaborate proceedings. In a desperate attempt to save the struggling Red Lantern Theatre, Jasper taints the event by including Kate Spoon, a wealthy, talent-free matron, who insists on being regarded as an artist. As the play proceeds, Caroleena Lark, a psychic orphan, who has sacrificed her life for the theatre discovers that Kate Spoon is going to have her fired. Other complications occur when Eddy Canary, a middle-aged homeless playwright, shows up hoping to resurrect his love affair with Victor Lloyd. Victor, or Vickie, is a beautiful, modestly gifted protégé of the deceased who has become a success in Hollywood. She arrives in a state of nerves having nearly been blown to bits in a high-tech science-fiction adventure film written and directed by the young Hollywood genius Timothy Harold.

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