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Charles Wilson


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A Novel by Charles Wilson Graystone Publishing (Paperback, $13.95, ISBN: 0966307895, 3/2001) Secret Service agent Clay Rodgers, returning to Biloxi after his brother is killed aboard the family yacht Cassandra, can't imagine what anyone had against inoffensive Robert―until traces of drugs aboard the boat link him to possible drug-dealing by his former employer, Cajun strip-joint king Antonio Brouchard, and a well-organized Vietnamese smuggling ring determined to kill off any informants interested in the reward Clay's advertised. As Clay resumes his guilty affair with Robert's former high-school girlfriend Linda, the obvious suspects cop pleas to lesser crimes―narcotics, assault, etc.―leaving one last ugly secret. Routine enough until the last 50 pages, when a rapid series of stings reminds you how surely Wilson juggled suspects and motives in Nightwatcher (1990). An author to watch. ―Copyright ©1993, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved.

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