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Nonfiction by Noel Polk University Press of Mississippi (Paperback, $18.00, ISBN: 1578061032, 9/1998) This book collects choice selections of Polk's criticism of William Faulkner from the past fifteen years. Its publication and underscores the significance of Polk's indispensable work in Faulkner studies, both in criticism and in the editing of Faulkner's texts. In the title essay, his focus is mainly upon the context of Freudian themes, expressly in the works written between 1927 and 1932, the period in which Faulkner wrote and ultimately revised Sanctuary, a novel to which Polk has given concentrated study during his distinguished career. He has connected the literature with the life in a way not achieved in previous criticism. Although other critics, notably John T. Irwin and André Bleikasten, have explored Oedipal themes, neither perceived them operating so completely at the center of Faulkner's work as Polk does in this essay.

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