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By J. Gregory Keyes The Age of Unreason, Book 3 Del Rey (Paperback, $14.00, ISBN: 0345406095, 5/2000; Paperback, $6.99, ISBN: 0345406109; 5/2001) In Keyes' alternate-universe fantasy, The Age of Unreason, of which this is the third but not necessarily last book, Sir Isaac Newton discovered the rules of alchemy instead of the laws of nature, thereby releasing a flood of dark magic. Now, Indian and European armies are locked in a deadly struggle in North America. In Europe, intrigues abound, and palace revolutions seem to happen every Thursday, not all of them well enough developed by Keyes to enable readers to tell them apart. Evil angels hover over human folly, and behind everything lurk the perverse and powerful demons, the Malekin. Keyes still is master of the details that make much of this universe believable, and the amount of action definitely makes the book exciting. But his gifts aren't deployed to also make this book intelligible to those who haven't read its predecessors, Newton's Cannon (1998) and A Calculus of Angels (1999). On the other hand, they shouldn't feel put upon to go back to the beginning. They won't regret doing so. ―Roland Green. Booklist. Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved.

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