Queer Mississippi (Complete Collection)

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Oxford (Miss.)


At the time of the interview, Pridgeon was a Public Policy and Philosophy major and Executive Director of Queer People of Color, in his senior year at The University of Mississippi. In this interview he shares his life history and the obstacles he faced growing up in the Deep South as a deeply religious queer person of color. He focusses on familial, religious, racial and social hurdles and discusses the issues of prejudice and acceptance. He describes his upbringing in Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi and the familial relations he had as a child, focusing on early memories. He discusses the ways that religion, place, race, and sexuality informed his childhood and early adulthood, from middle school and during his time in college. Malik extensively discusses the queer environment that Oxford and the university provided when he first attended, specifically focusing on his work founding Queer People of Color at the University of Mississippi. He acknowledges the discrimination currently present in Mississippi and how it has influenced his plans to leave after graduation. He concludes by addressing any listeners of the interview who are queer people of color to have faith and hope, as this can allow them to overcome anything.

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Additional files include: abstract, field notes, audio file. Transcript is available on request.


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