Queer Mississippi (Complete Collection)

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[Professors Amy McDowell of Sociology, Jessica Wilkerson of History and Southern Studies, and host Jaime Harker of English and the Isom Center discuss] queer spaces in the South, how community is created and fostered throughout the region, and the important work that is being done to preserve the oral histories and lived experiences of queer folks living in Mississippi. [Not only is it a] chance to be introduced to the project and fabulous professors and archivists who foster this project, [the interview offers] some perspective on the subversive nature of their work that takes special care to collect and preserve the stories of people who have historically been marginalized, discriminated against, and surveilled by the state. [This is an] empowering episode about taking back the archive and carving out space for queer history in the Bible Belt. [Description modified from Apple Podcasts]

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