SEC Spanish at SECOL 89 (2022)

SEC Spanish at SECOL 89 (2022)


The Southeastern Conference on Linguistics LXXXIX Annual Conference (SECOL 89) was hosted virtually by the Interdepartmental Linguistics Program in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Louisiana State University from March 31-April 2, 2022.

The second day of the conference featured a two-session panel (90 minutes + 90 minutes) to draw attention to the work being done by the SEC Spanish Consortium, and garner partners whose work aligns with consortium goals. Panelists represented the diversity of SEC Schools, the diversity of themes included in the SEC Spanish Consortium, and the reflected this year’s SECOL conference theme: Diversity and Inclusion in Linguistics.

  • Special Panel 2: What is the SEC Spanish Consortium?
  • Special Panel 3: The SEC Spanish Consortium & Community-Engaged Research

Image credit: Mixing colors graphic from SECOL 89 printed program



2.1 Opening remarks and welcome: What is the SEC Spanish Consortium and how can you be a part of it?, Stephen Fafulas and Chad Howe

2.2 There is no such thing as language contact, Dennis Preston

2.3 “You’re my first Black Spanish teacher ever”: Reimagining introductory linguistics as raciolinguistics in the Southern context, Aris Moreno Clemons

2.4 Self-reported language use, proficiency and attitudes toward Spanish and English in the U.S. South: Case studies of Spanish in northern Mississippi and eastern North Carolina, Stephen Fafulas and Matt Van Hoose

2.5 Beyond Spanish: Portuguese and indigenous language communities in Georgia, Chad Howe

2.6 Closing remarks, Chad Howe and Stephen Fafulas

3.1 Opening remarks and welcome: Community opportunities, Chad Howe and Stephen Fafulas

3.2 A collaborative project for, by, and about Hispanic South Carolinians, Nina Moreno

3.3 Breaking the language barrier: Promoting community health through community-campus partnerships (Sub-panel), Laura Martin, Jikiah Bryant, Noa Valcarcel, Karen Allison, and Danna Johnson

3.4 Questions and moving forward with the SEC Spanish Consortium, Stephen Fafulas and Chad Howe