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Cover: photo of Miss Alice Atherton, a Caucasian singer in front of a wall separating her from an African American vocal quartet; Musical Supplement of the New York Journal and Advertiser. July 10, 1898 description reads a coon song; Publisher: Mill Bros. (New York)

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Songs -- United States -- 19th Century; Popular Music -- United States

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Sheldon Harris Collection (MUM00682), Archives and Special Collections, University of Mississippi Libraries


First verse
For a handsome black man I have admiration, For him I'd run the shoes right off my feet, He was my honey boy and my heart would jump with joy when Sunday night at church we used to meet. For he used to say I was his only baby he was juggling with the truth I will admit, I never see him now But I'd love to I'll allow Tho' I found he never cared for me a bit.
I don't care who knows it. I love dat man you can soo how much I shows it I do love dat man. My poor heart's a beating much as it can, The reason dat I sigh and fret, Is cause I love that man. man.
Second verse
he was kind to me when I was very lonesome, he called me all the pet names hat he knew. He treated me so fair with such tenderness and care when he was with me I was never blue. But another wench stole from me his affections now they say that she's a'gwine to change her name. he did me wrong for sure But my sick heart I can't cure For I'll always love that darkey just the same.

Content Disclaimer

The derogatory terms, images, and ideas that appear in some of this sheet music are not condoned by the University of Mississippi. They do represent the attitudes of a number of Americans at the times the songs were published. As such, it is hoped that the sheet music in this collection can aid students of music, history, and other disciplines to better understand popular American music and racial stereotypes from the 19th- and early 20th-centuries.

I Love Dat Man / music by E. J Simnes; words by Dan Packard



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