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Cover: a botanical illustration on the edge; Publisher: Jerome H. Remick and Co. (New York)

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Songs -- United States -- 20th Century; Popular Music -- United States

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Sheldon Harris Collection (MUM00682), Archives and Special Collections, University of Mississippi Libraries


First verse
When the golden moon was beaming in the azure western sky When nature brought to close another day By the campfires dying embers a soldier boy in blue Was thinking of his home so far away He saw the old plantation and he heard the darkies sing He saw the steamboat coming round the bend In his dream he saw his sweetheart and his comrades heard him say Just take me back to Dixie once again.
I can hear her singing coming down the lane I can hear the children join the sweet refrain I can see the wildwood where we loved to roam. Oh take me back to dear old Dixie and to the old folks at home.
Second verse
Through the days and nights of fighting on the dreary western plains Some comrade oft would send a last farewell To the loved ones on the homestead who waited day by day And prayed for him who fought mid shot and shell The last brave charge was ended and that soldier boy in blue Lay dying when he whipered tis the end Wrap the stars and stripes around me and tell her not to mourn Then take me back to Dixie once again.

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Take Me Back To Dixie / words by Chas Shackford



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