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MUM00682, 0077


Cover: drawing of sunset over a river; description reads a dreamy southern waltz (see 431); Publisher: Forster Music Publisher (Chicago)

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Songs -- United States -- 20th Century; Popular Music -- United States

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Sheldon Harris Collection (MUM00682), Archives and Special Collections, University of Mississippi Libraries


Close yoh dreamy eyes an' lay yoh head on Mammy's breast, Stahs ah in de skies an birds ah sleepin' in de nest, Nighttime is heah, honey don't feah, Yoh on Mammy's ahm; Great big yallah moon a shinin' down upon de stream, Mammy's little coon will soon be floatin' in a dream, Slumbah awhile, mah honey chile, Yoh Mammy will keep yoh from hahm, Go to sleep, wiv yoh head on yoh Mammy's breast Cause Mammy knows her dusky rose is tiahed an' longin' fo' rest; Go to sleep while de shaders creep, Des dream away till break ob day, An doan yoh eben peep In dah sugah cane de owl's a hootin' to de moon, Down along de lane I heah de darkies softly croon, Now hushabye, honey, don't cry, But des close yoh eyes; When de mawnin' come an' all de birds begin to cheep Mammy's sugah plum a goin' to waken from his sleep Des like a flow'n kissed by de show'h when rain drops come down from de sky. Yoh Mammy's pickaninny, de fin est an' de best, De pride of old Virginny So slumba, my honey, an' rest Go to sleep, Go to sleep.

Content Disclaimer

The derogatory terms, images, and ideas that appear in some of this sheet music are not condoned by the University of Mississippi. They do represent the attitudes of a number of Americans at the times the songs were published. As such, it is hoped that the sheet music in this collection can aid students of music, history, and other disciplines to better understand popular American music and racial stereotypes from the 19th- and early 20th-centuries.

Mammy's Lullaby / music by Lee S. Roberts; words by Will Callahan



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