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Poster by “Signifyin”, ©2015 Kennie Jones; 6 harmonicas, including models by Marine Band and Hohner; LP. The Blues of Sonny Boy Williamsson [sic] / Storyville, 1965; Photo of Sonny Boy Williamson with a harmonica. Text at top of photo: “Seeing him perched on the back of a chair or hovering over a microphone Sonny Boy Williamson reminded you of a buzzard. He had the same mocking grimace and the same cool eyes with their heavy lids that had seen so much and told so little. Sonny Boy was something of an enigma; one of his own making perhaps but just as puzzling nonetheless.” (Paul Oliver, blues scholar); Text at bottom of photo: "They didn't call him the king of the harmonica for nothing. . . He was a big dude who blew the blues out of that sucker until there was nothing left to blow. He played sitting down, using his feet like a drum--stomping loud and hard--shouting and inhaling like his life was on the line." (B. B. King on Sonny Boy Williamson)

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