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Display case features bottles, jars, 2 photographs, and 3 bars of soap. Text: "Visitors to stores like Beale Street’s A. Schwab Trading Company can find all manner of hoodoo and other spiritual powders, potions, and candles to ward off evil, find true love, or bring good luck. Despite the name, the Sonny Boy Products company has been providing such products since 1926, long before the commercial success of either of the two Sonny Boy Williamsons. In addition to lending his likeness to King Biscuit Flour, Sonny Boy Williamson also helped advertise the Tallaho (Tallyho) tonic for Turner’s Drug Store in Belzoni, Mississippi, by singing over the radio: Tallyho, it sure is good, you can buy it anywhere in the neighborhood / Go on the corner of Hayden Street, Mr. Turner Drug Store / You ask to buy one, buy two. It’s good for you, it’s good for the children too / Tallyho, it sure is good / Take it in the morning, take it at night, Tallyho’ll make you feel just right; Top shelf: jar of incense, bottles of "bath and wash", photo of Sonny Boy Williamson; Bottom shelf: Sonny Boy Blue Book Guide to Success, bars of soap, framed photo of Sonny Boy Williamson, bottle of wine with label "Sonny Boy's Bottle (not to be shared with anyone!), June 25, 1996"

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