General Special Collections

Our General Special Collections contains volumes related to Mississippi in some way: they are written by Mississippians; and are about Mississippi, etc. In the physical collection housed on the University of Mississippi campus, we collect Mississippi authors in every conceivable language: books on Mississippi history and culture and books related to the University of Mississippi. We also have collections containing manuscripts of several sorts: literary; civil war; civil rights; family histories; business history, etc. Our digital collections make some of our more fragile collections accessible to the public.

Image from the collection: Single Mississippi 3 dollar bills (1862), Civil War Collection

Note: Our archival digital collections are currently being migrated from their former platform to this platform. If you are searching for a particular collection but cannot find it, please contact us:


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Civil War Collection

Deeply Rooted

Evans Collection

Faulkner Newsletter and Yoknapatawpha Review

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Freedom Riders Oral Histories

Medieval Manuscript Fragments

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Mississippi Territorial Documents

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Women of the Ku Klux Klan Collection