Turning to Community for Answers

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Community Health and Preventive Medicine | Public Health


Dr. Meagan Rosenthal is Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmacy Administration at the University of Mississippi. Her research focuses on developing systems to integrate health research evidence into practice. She is excited to share her experience with community driven research design, which generates new data and information she believes will be more quickly adopted by communities and the people in them. Why? Because community driven research answers the questions that are designated as important by partners in the community. As Co-Director of UM CREW, an externally facing research center on the University of Mississpi campus, Dr. Rosenthal uses community driven research to empower Mississippi communities. As the Interim Director of the William Magee Institute for Student Wellbeing, Dr. Rosenthal is using the practice to facilitate a strategic plan that empowers student communities to develop resiliency and maximize potential through holistic well-being.

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