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Berry, Maureen Helena, 1927-

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Dissertations abstracted are: Die Muenzpraegung des Kaisers Nerva by E. Szaivert; The Economics of Food Production on Roman Imperial Estates in North Africa by Dennis Patrick Kehoe; A Retreat from the Wilderness: Pattern in the Domestic Environments of Southeastern New England, 1630-1730 by Robert Blair St. George; The Workman's Fate. The Scanty Bread. Living Conditions of the Workers at Baaseland/Naes Ironworks 1725-1807 by I. Floystad; The Intensification of Community, Society, and Economy in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Gloucestershire (University of New South Wales by David Peter Rollison; The Mills of Manayunk: Early Industrialization and Social Conflict in the Philadelphia Region, 1787-1837 by Cynthia Jane Shelton; Finance Capital and Mine Labor: A Comparative Study of Copper-miners in Zambia and Peru, 1870-1980 by Chilufya Chipasha Luchembe; Bavarian Breweries and Brewmasters, 1871-1914: A Study of Mittel-standspolitik and German Economic Modernization by James Douglas Mayer



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