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Richard P. Brief, Editor, Selections from Encyclopaedia of Accounting 1903 Reviewed by Edward N. Coffman; F. L. Clarke, The Tangled Web of Price Variation Accounting Reviewed by Robert Bloom; D.A.R. Forrester, Editor, Frank Sewell Bray,Reviewed by R. S. Waldron; Louis Goldberg, The Florescent Decade: Accounting Education in Australia 1945-1955 Reviewed by Barrie O'Keeffe; Edgar Jones, Accountancy and the British Economy: The Evolution of Ernst & Whinney 1840-1980 Reviewed by M. J. Mepham; Kenneth S. Most, Accounting Theory, Second Edition Reviewed by Dale L. Flesher; Harry Norris, Accounting Theory Reviewed by William G. Mister; Donald A. Ritchie, James M. Landis: Dean of the Regulators Reviewed by Stephen E. Loeb; Clinton H. Scovell, Cost Accounting and Burden Application Reviewed by Lamont F. Steedle; Izume Watanabe, Son-Eki Keisanshi Ron (A History of Profit and Loss Accounting) Reviewed by Yoshiro Kimizuka; T. A. Wise, Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co. 85 Years, Reviewed by Gary John Previts Language : eng



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