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Books reviewed are: Thomas J. Burns and Edward N. Coffman, The Accounting Hall of Fame: Profiles of Forty-one Members Reviewed by Kathryn Verreault; C. W. DeMond, Price Waterhouse & Co. In America Reviewed by Robert Jennings, Jr.; Esteban Hernandez Esteve, Contribution al Estudio de la Historlografia Contable en Espana Reviewed by Mark Roberts; Leonard W. Hein, The British Companies Acts and the Practice of Accountancy 1844-1962 Reviewed by Christopher Noke; J. Slater Lewis, The Commercial Organisation of Factories Reviewed by Walker Fesmire; Robert H. Montgomery, Fifty Years of Accountancy Reviewed by Geofrey T. Mills; R. H. Parker, Editor, British Accountants: A Biographical Source-book Reviewed by Lee D. Parker; Gary John Previts, A Critical Evaluation of Comparative Financial Thought in America 1900 to 1920 Reviewed by Robert M. Kozub; Earl A. Saliers, Principles of Depreciation Reviewed by W. T. Wrege; Michael Schiff, editor, The Hayden Stone Accounting Forums 1962-1967 Reviewed by James J. Tucker, III



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