Patti A. Mills

Publication Date



Books reviewed are: Diran Bodenhorn, Economic Accounting Reviewed by Catharine M. Lemieux; Brown, Donald E., Hierarchy, History, and Human Nature: The Social Origins of Historical Consciousness Reviewed by Jenice P. Stewart; Chambers, R. J., and Dean, G. W., Editors, Chambers on Accounting, Accounting Thought and Practice Through the Years series Reviewed by Chris Poullaos; Esteban Hernandez-Esteve, ed., Historia de la Contabilidad en Espana (The History of Accounting in Spain), Reviewed by Salvador Carmona; Anne Loft, Understanding Accounting in its Social and Historical Context Reviewed by Victoria Beard; Frank J. Swetz, Capitalism Arithmetic: The New Math of the 15th Century Reviewed by Maurice S. Newman; P. Tantral, Accounting Literature in Non-Accounting Journals: An Annotated Bibliography Reviewed by Robert J. Bricker; Basil S. Yamey, Art Accounting Reviewed by Stephen D. Strange



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