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Books reviewed are: Roger Backhouse, Economists and the Economy: The Evolution of Economic Ideas 1600 to the Present Day Reviewed by Alistair M. Preston; Barber B. Conable, Jr., Congress and the Income Tax Reviewed by Adrianne E. Slaymaker; Edgar Jones (editor), The Memoirs of Edwin Waterhouse: A Founder of Price Waterhouse Reviewed by Michael J. Mepham; Marvin Kitman, George Washington's Expense Account Reviewed by James H. Potts; Charles Kohler, Five Years Hard! Memoirs of an Articled Clerk 1928-1933 Reviewed by John Freear; George J. Murphy, The Evolution of Selected Annual Corporate Financial Reporting Practices in Canada 1900-1970 Reviewed by John K. Courtis; Terry K. Sheldahl, Editor, Education for the Mercantile Counting House: Critical and Constructive Essays by Nine British Writers, 1716-1794 Reviewed by G. A. Swanson; Atsuo Tsuji, The Historical Development of Management Accounting Reviewed by Takashi Oguri; William J. Vatter, Managerial Accounting Reviewed by Thomas Tyson



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