Patti A. Mills

Publication Date



Books reviewed are: Dale L. Flesher, The Institute of Internal Auditors: 50 Years of Progress Through Sharing Reviewed by Frank E. Ryerson III; O. Finley Graves, ed., The Costing Heritage: Studies in Honor of S. Paul Garner Reviewed by Jack Ruhl; Finley Graves, Graeme Dean and Frank Clarke, Replacement Costs and Accounting Reform in Post World War I German Reviewed by Dieter Schnedier; Roxanne T. Johnson, An Analysis of the Early Record Keeping in the DuPont Company 1800-1818 Reviewed by Harvey Mann; T. A. Lee, ed., The Closure of the Accounting Profession Reviewed by Kathie Cooper; Paul J. Miranti, Jr., Accountancy Comes of Age: The Development of an American Profession, 1886-1940 Reviewed by Joni Young; Larry Neal, The Rise of Financial Capitalism: International Capital Markets in the Age of Reason Reviewed by Christopher J. Napier; Leonard Spacek, The Growth of Arthur Andersen & Co. 1928-1973: An Oral History Reviewed by Stephen A. Zeff



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