Patti A. Mills

Publication Date



Books reviewed are: Edward J. Kane, The S & L Insurance Mess: How Did It Happen?; Lawrence J. White, The S & L Debacle. Public Policy Lessons for Bank and Thrift Regulation; Martin Mayer, The Greatest-Ever Bank Robbery. The Collapse of the Savings and Loan Industry (3 titles reviewed as Continuing Research on the Savings and Loan Crisis; A Review Essay by James Schaefer); H. S. Cobb, Ed., The Overseas Trade of London Exchequer Customs Accounts 1480-1 Reviewed by Hans J. Dykxhoorn; M. J. R. Gaffikin, Accounting Methodology and the Work of R. J. Chambers Reviewed by Chris Poullaos; Richard Mattessich, Ed., Accounting Research in the 1980s and its Future Relevance Reviewed by Anne Fortin; Maurice Moonitz, Selected Writings Reviewed by Michael Chatfield; Richard Vangermeersch, Ed., Relevance Rediscovered, Volume II Reviewed by Lamont F. Steedle



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