Hans Johnson

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Books reviewed are: Axel Grandell, Redovisningens utvecklingshistoria fran bildskrit tii dator, reviewed by Sandor Aszely; John B. Inglis, My Life and Times, reviewed by Richard A. Scott; Hanns-Martin W. Schoenfeld, Cost Terminology and Cost Theory: A Study of its Development and Present State in Central Europe, reviewed by M. C. Wells; Thomas J. Burns, Editor, Accounting in Transition: Oral Histories of Recent U.S. Experience, reviewed by Paul Frishkoff; William Woodruff, America's lmpact on the World: A Study of the Role of the United States in the World Economy, 1750-1970, reviewed by Robert MacKenzie;Janet Pryce-Jones, (compiler) and R. H. Parker, (annotator), Accounting in Scotland: A Historical Bibliography, reviewed by Peter H. Knutson; Robert Chatov, Corporate Financial Reporting-Public or Private Control, reviewed by Robert H. Raymond; Edward Peragallo, Origin and Evolution of Double Entry Bookkeeping: A Study of Italian Practice from the Fourteenth Century, reviewed by Richard H. Homburger; Ichiro Katano, Evolution of Corporate Financial Statements in Japan, reviewed by Kenji Hayashi.



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