Victoria Beard

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Books reviewed are: David Grayson Allen and Kathleen McDermott, Accounting for Success: A History of Price Waterhouse in America 1890-1990 Reviewed by Paul J. Miranti, Jr.; Richard P. Brief, The Continuing Debate Over Depreciation, Capital and Income Reviewed by Paul Shoemaker; Roy A. Chandler and John Richard Edwards, Eds., Recurring Issues in Auditing: Professional Debate 1875-1900 and Roy A. Chandler and John Richard Edwards, Eds., British Audit Practice 1884-1900: A Case Law Perspective Reviewed by Howard F. Stettler; Edward N. Coffman, Rasoul H. Tondkar, and Gary John Previts, Eds., Historical Perspectives of Selected Financial Accounting Topics Reviewed by Paul Solomon; J. R. Edwards, A History of Financial Accounting Reviewed by William J. Schrader; George J. Murphy, Ed., A History of Canadian Accounting Thought and Practice Reviewed by Cheryl S. McWatters; Marilyn Kleinberg Neimark, The Hidden Dimensions of Annual Reports: Sixty Years of Social Conflict at General Motors Reviewed by R. H. Parker; Peter Temin, Ed., Inside the Business Enterprise: Historical Perspectives on the Use of Information Reviewed by Richard K. Fleischman; Gary L. Tidwell, Anatomy of a Fraud: Inside the Finances of the PTL Ministries Reviewed by Joni J. Young; Ulrich Wengenroth, Enterprise and Technology: The German and British Steel Industries, 1865-1895 Reviewed by J. R. Edwards



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