John K. Courtis

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In 1987, Professor Kojima published his 16 chapter Japanese version of Introduction to Accounting History. His intention was to prepare an English translation, but he died on 21 February 1989 from cardiac infarction having reached the middle of the 13th chapter with an unfinished handwritten first draft. After this draft was subsequently typed, the unfinished portion of the English translation was completed by Mr E. Usami. Consultation with Professor B. S. Yamey resulted in the correction of errors by Professor Kojima's loyal colleagues, Professors Yoshihiro Hirabayashi (Osaka City University), Hiroyasu Okitsu (Kinki University) and Tsuneo Nakano (Kobe University). The translation was then improved further by Mrs N. Bascom. The finished work is a delight to hold, read and ponder.



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