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In the following, the corrected version of Table 1 to the above-mentioned paper [Mattessich, 1998] is shown. The author apologizes for having supplied (on p. 16) an obsolete version (based on incorrect conversion rates). In consequence, the figures of this table did not match with the figures of the first 17 lines of the commentary in the subsequent section, "UNEXPLAINED DISCREPANCIES AND OTHER ITEMS TO BE CLARIFIED" (p. 17). The present version does match this original commentary (a proof that two versions of the table got switched erroneously). However, I ask the reader to regard my interpretations of Nissen et al. [1993] as a preliminary attempt by an accountant, hardly familiar with the intricacies of Sumerian language and measurement systems. As was repeatedly hinted at, this area is worthy of continuing research.



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