Hans Johnson

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Books reviewed are: Arthur Lowes Dickinson, Accounting Practice and Procedure, Reviewed by Jack L. Krogstad; Institute of Chartered Accountants in England, Historical Accounting Literature, Reviewed by Adrian L. Kline; Arthur H. Woolf, A Short History of Accountants and Accountancy, Reviewed by Kenneth O. Elvik; Osamu Kojima, Historical Studies of Double Entry Bookkeeping, Reviewed by Richard H. Homburger; Wilmer L. Green, History and Survey of Accountancy, Reviewed by Horace R. Givens; Doris Langley Moore, Lord Byron Accounts Rendered, Reviewed by Hans Johnson; Arthur Andersen & Co., The First Sixty Years 1913-1973, Reviewed by S. J. Lambert; Haskins & Sells: Our First Seventy-Five Years, Reviewed by Joyce C. Lambert; Francis William Pixley, Auditors: Their Duties and Responsibilities Under the Joint-Stock Companies Acts and the Friendly Societies and Industrial and Provident Societies Acts, Reviewed by Bill D. Jarnagin.



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