Hans Johnson

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Abstracts for the following dissertations are provided: The Effect of Scientific Management on the Development of the Standard Cost System by Marc Epstein. The Archive of Laches: Prosperous Farmers of the Fayum in the Second Century by Whitney S. Bagnall; Lukens, 1850-1870: A Case Study in the Mid-Nineteenth Century American Iron Industry by Julian C. Skaggs; Historical Development of Human Resources as a Value in Financial Accounting by Joseph E. Krebs; An Economic Survey of the Early Byzantine Church by William N. Zeisel, Jr.; The Professionalization of Public Accounting in America: A Comparative Anlysis of the Contributions of Selected Practitioners 1900-1925 by Barbara D. Merino; The Cuneiform Tablets in St. Louis by Robert D. Freedman; Boards of Directors` Audit Committees: An Exploratory Study by Michael L. Lovdal.; A Study of the Evolution of the Legal Liability of Accountants with Implications for the Future of the Profession by Hubert Hooper; Introduction to the Uyghur Civil Documents of East Turkestan (13th-14th cc.) by Larry Clark; The Image of the American Businessman in the Popular Press, 1928-1947 by Kenneth Meeks.



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