Hans Johnson

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Dissertations abstracted are: The Development of Accounting Principles for Business Combinations, 1932-1973 by Wesley Andrews; Government Regulations and Professional Pronouncements: A Study of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants from 1934 Through 1974 by William Coffey; The Rise of An Independent Major: The Sun Oil Company, 1876-1945 by August Giebelhaus; An Analysis of The Professional Aspects of Public Accountancy by Michael Groner; An Historical Analysis of the Events Leading to the Establishment of the Cost Accounting Standards Board by Owen Moseley; An Analysis of the Evolution of Municipal Accounting to 1935With Primary Emphasis on Developments in The United States by James Potts; The Origin of Modern Industry in the United States: The Mechanization of Shoe and Sewing Machine Production by Ross Thomson.



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