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Books reviewed are: Stuart W. Bruchey. Robert Oliver and Merchantile Bookkeeping in the Early Nineteenth Century Reviewed by Robert Bloom; Deloitte & Co. 1845-1956 Reviewed by Hans V. Johnson; Martin M. Crow and Clair C. Olson (eds.), Chaucer Life-Records Reviewed by Vahe Baladouni; Tito Antoni, I Partitari Maiorchini del Lou dels Pisans Relativi al Commercio dei Pisani nelle Baleari (1304-1322 e 1353-1355) Reviewed by Alvero Martinelli; Costouros, George J. Accounting in the Golden Age of Greece: A Response to Socioeconomic Changes Reviewed by Frederic M. Stiner, Jr.; G. W. Dean and M. C. Wells, Editors, Current Cost Accounting: Identifying the Issues Reviewed by Araya Debessay; Vernon K. Zimmerman, (ed.), Written Contributions of Selected Accounting Practitioners, Vol. 2: Paul Grady Reviewed by Ray Anderson; William B. Wolf, Management and Consulting: An Introduction to James O. McKinsey Reviewed by Tonya K. Flesher; Richard Vangermeersch, FINANCIAL REPORTING TECHNIQUES IN 20 INDUSTRIAL COMPANIES SINCE 1861 Reviewed by Earl K. Littrell; Kathryn C. Bucker, Littleton's Contribution to the Theory of Accountancy Reviewed by Gadis J. Dillon



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