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Books reviewed are: Alfred D. Chandler, Jr., Editor, Managerial Innovation at General Motors Reviewed by Daniel A. Wren; Alfred D. Chandler, Jr., Editor, Pioneers in Modern Factory Management Reviewed by Michael F. Pohlen; Nicholas Dopuch and Lawrence Revsine, Editors, Accounting Research 1960-1970: A Critical Evaluation Reviewed by J. Edward Ketz; Marshall M. Kirkman, Railway Expenditures: Their Extent, Object, and Economy, 2 vols. Reviewed by James W. Jones; J. Kitchen and R. H. Parker. Accounting Thought and Education: Six English Pioneers Reviewed by Peter Boys; Gary John Previts and Barbara Dubis Merino, A History of Accounting in America: An Historical Interpretation of the Cultural Significance of Accounting Reviewed by Arthur R. Wyatt; M. C. Wells, Accounting for Common Costs Reviewed by Daniel L. Jensen; Stephen A. Zeff, Forging ,Accounting Principles in New Zealand Reviewed by Herbert L. Jensen



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