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Berry, Maureen Helena, 1927-

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Dissertations abstracted are: The Formation of Fiscal Policy in the Reign of Louis XIV: The Example of Nicolas Desmaretz, Controller General of Finances by Gary Bruce McCollim; The Cincinnati Branch of the Second Bank of the United States and Its Effect on the Local Economy, 1817-1836 by Marilynn Melton Larew; The Business History of the Antebellum Wisconsin Newspaper, 1833-1860: A Study of Concentration of Ownership and Diversity of Views by Carolyn Stewart Dyer; Money, Sheep, and Economic Crisis in Argentina, 1852-1900: Questions About The Principles of Economics by Jeffrey Alan Lamia; Men, Money, Machines: Studies Comparing Colliery Operations and Factors of Production in British Columbia's Coal Industry to 1891 by Daniel Thomas Gallacher; Industrial Organization and Market Behavior: The Great Merger Movement in American Industry by Naomi Raboy Lamoreaux; An Analysis of The Tax Opinions of Judge Learned Hand and His Contributions to The Development of the Federal Tax System by Tonya Kay Flesher; History of Oil Industry in Iran by Seyed Ahmad Alavi



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