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Books reviewed are: Tito Antoni, I Costi Industriali di Una Azienda Conciaria della Fine del Trecento, 1384-1388 Reviewed by Alvaro Martinelli; Horace Lucian Arnold (Henry Roland), The Complete Cost-Keeper, 3rd ed. Reviewed by G. Stevenson Smith; Andrew Barr and Kenneth W. Perry, Editors, Written Contributions of Selected Accounting Practitioners Volume 3: Andrew Barr Reviewed by Martin Benis; Victor Z. Brink, Foundations for Unlimited Horizons?? Institute of Internal Auditors 1947-1976 Reviewed by H. V. Vasudeva Rao; Alfred DuPont Chandler, Jr., The Visible Hand: The Managerial Revolution in American Business Reviewed by Mary McKinney Schweitzer; A Chartered Accountant, The Etiquette of The Accountancy Profession and The Ethical Problems of Modern Accountancy Reviewed by Stephen E. Loeb; Paul K. Conkin, The New Deal, 2nd ed. Reviewed by Barry Anderson; Mortimer B. Daniels, Corporation Financial Statements Reviewed by James D. Blum;John M. Houkes with Ljudmila T. Mursec, A Catalogue of Rare Books, Pamphlets, and Journals on Business and Economics in the Krannert Library Special Collection 1500-1870 Reviewed by Edwin Bartenstein; Norman J. Marshall, A Jubilee History, 1928-1978 Reviewed by Frank L. Clarke; John O'Sullivan and Edward F. Keuchel, American Economic History: From Abundance To Constraint Reviewed by Thomas H. Mclnish; Alfred R. Roberts, Editor, Third Charles Waldo Haskins Accounting History Seminar: An Historical and Contemporary Review of the Development of International Accounting Reviewed by Wesley T. Andrews, Jr.; Henry Whitcomb Sweeney, Stabilized Accounting Reviewed by Dale Buckmaster;Charles Weber, The Evolution of Direct Costing, Monograph 3 Reviewed by Lane K. Anderson; M. C. Wells, A Bibliography of Cost Accounting: Its Origins and Development to 1914, 2 Vols. Reviewed by Adolph Matz.



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