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Berry, Maureen Helena, 1927-

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Dissertations abstracted are: Salt-Making, Merchants and Markets: The Role of a Critical Resource in the Development of Maya Civilization by Anthony Parshall Andrews; Military and Financial Government in France, 1648-1 661 by Peter Jonathan Berger; The Silk-Weavers of Lyon During the French Revolution, 1786-1 796 by David Lyman Longfellow; The Royal Tobacco Monopoly in Bourbon Mexico 1764-1810 by David Lorne McWatters; Business and Society in Late Colonial Mexico City by John Edward Kicza; The Adoption of Process Innovations in the Peruvian Textile Industry: Organizational Determinants and Sources of Relative Advantage by Fernando Robles; Carman G. Blough: A Study of Selected Contributions to the Accounting Profession by William David Cooper; The Politics of Price Control: The Office of Price Administration and the Dilemmas of Economic Stabilization, 1940-1946 by Andrew Hudson Bartels;



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