Accounting Historians Notebook - Call for papers; 5th Workshop in Accounting History, Lisbon, November 9, 2012; 18TH CONFERENCE ON ACCOUNTING AND MANAGEMENT HISTORY La Rochelle • March 28 - 29, 2013; III International Conference on Luca Pacioli in Accounting History; III Balkans and Middle East Countries Conference on Accounting and Accounting History; CALL FOR PAPERS INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE SOKOLOV READING; Introduction of the 8th Annual Conference of Accounting History Committee of the Accounting Society of China(2013; The seventh Accounting History International Conference; The fourth Accounting History International Emerging Scholars’ Colloquium; Accounting History - Call for papers; Academy of Accounting Historians - 2013 Research Conference; Accounting History Review - Histories of Accounting and the Hospital; 14th World Congress of Accounting Historians



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