Publication Date

October 2015


On June 2, 2015, I was given a tour of the China Accounting Museum (opened in November 2013) at the Lixin School of Accounting in Shanghai. In its International Hall, I came face to face with an oil painting by A.C. Littleton, “my” Littleton. Perhaps in a breach of protocol, I requested my host, Professor Song Xiaoming, to take the painting down from the wall to verify the authenticity of my claim. “There is a word ‘Wood’ on the backside,” I told him. He obliged: sure enough, inscribed in pencil were the words “after Robert Wood”. I explained that Littleton painted by the number, i.e. following numbered instructions, and therefore did not want to sign his own name. They seemed as surprised as I was, for the painting was donated by Pro-fessor Qu Xiaohui of Xiamen University. Following is the story behind the painting being at the museum:



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