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The system of accounts and records, fully set forth in this pamphlet and designated as " A Uniform Classification of Accounts for Water Utilities," is hereby established and prescribed as the system of accounts and records to be kept and used by each and all of said utilities. Each such utility shall carry on its books the accounts and records herein prescribed, and shall accurately keep such accounts in accordance with the requirements, definitions, and instructions contained and set out in this pamphlet. The utility shall keep its records in such a manner as to show the full facts connected with matters covered by the accounts provided herein. When, for the purpose of improving the efficiency of administration and operation it is desirable to further refine or allocate the general accounts, the same may be supported by other records in which the details shall be fully stated, and the entries in the general accounts, as specified in this classification, shall contain such references to the detailed records as will enable a ready identification and verification of the facts therein recorded, but no change shall be made in the general classification accounts herein prescribed without permission of the Commission having been first obtained. This system of accounts and records, herein prescribed, shall be used and kept by all public utilities engaged in the collection, pumping, or sale of water, including municipally owned or operated water utilities.

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Originally published by: Public Utilities Commission of the State of Colorado



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