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Originally published by: American Association of Public Accountants


Accounting as a profession; Accounting -- History; American Association of Public Accountants


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The American Association of Public Accountants has been incorporated under the laws of the State of New York and organized by the election of its officers and council, with its office in this city. It has its inception in the encouragement given by the financial institutions of this country and by the confidence already shown in the employment, in many instances, of its members, some of whom were members of the Institutes which have been taken as models, and of others, who have exclusively practiced in the United States, for many years. Adapting its forms of practice to the requirements of the American system of organization and methods of business, its members have been for some years familiar with the “ way of doing things ” on this side of the Atlantic. American laws and American manners have been made a study, and on the adoption of a Constitution and By-Laws and Rules and Regulations which bear a similarity to those so successfully in vogue abroad, the Association secures protection to itself and insures to the clients of its members a service which commends itself, earnestly and honestly, to the confidence of the business interests of the country. Copyright and permission to reprint held by: American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

American Association of Public Accountants



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