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There are four categories of ethical standards. They are described in the following paragraphs. The first, Concepts of Professional Ethics, is a philosophical essay approved by the professional ethics division. The essay suggests behavior which CPAs should strive for beyond the minimum level of acceptable conduct set forth in the Rules of Conduct and is not intended to establish enforceable standards. The second category, Rules of Conduct, consists* of enforceable ethical standards and required the approval of the membership before the Rules became effective. The same is true of the Bylaws of the Institute. The third category, Interpretations of Rules of Conduct, consists of interpretations which have been adopted, after exposure to state societies and state boards, by the professional ethics division's executive committee to provide guidelines as to the scope and application of the Rules but are not intended to limit such scope or application. A member who departs from such guidelines shall have the burden of justifying such departure in any disciplinary hearing. The fourth category, Ethics Rulings, consists of formal rulings made by the professional ethics division's executive committee after exposure to state societies and state boards. These rulings summarize the application of Rules of Conduct and Interpretations to a particular set of factual circumstances. Members who depart from such rulings in similar circumstances will be requested to justify such departures.


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Code of professional ethics, May 1, 1977 edition;  Concepts of professional ethics [1977];  Rules of conduct, effective March 1, 1973 [1977];  Interpretations of rules of conduct [1977];  Ethics rulings [1977]



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