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Nathan Murray

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Lawrence Deese: Methods Utilizing the Phenomena of Light Scattering to Measure Microscopic Aluminum Oxide Particle Size in Both Solution and Turbulent Air Flow The purpose of this research project was to measure microscopic aluminum oxide (alumina) particle size both in solution and in air flow. Experimentally, the process of sizing microscopic particles is technically challenging. Two methods were used for measuring the sizes of 4 different manufacturer labeled aluminum oxide particles sizes. The first method was using Dynamic Light Scattering analyzed by a LS Spectrometer to measure the alumina particle size while suspended in solution. The second method was using the forward angle scattering transmissometer (FAST) technique to measure alumina particle size while subjected to a turbulent air flow. Accurately measuring these particle sizes, with the aim of confirming the manufacturer labeled size, ultimately helps validate experiments which use these particles performed at the National Center Physical Acoustics (NCPA).

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