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The purpose of this paper is to investigate twelve different financial reporting topics using specific scenarios and financial positions of existing companies that have been presented in various case studies. The case studies cover multiple topics, long-term debt, equity sales, marketable securities, deferred income taxes, revenue recognition, financial reporting of cash flows, impairments and securities’ sales related to debt, and capitalized costs and earnings quality. In addition to the financial reporting topics, four cases cover various accounting-related topics, including data analytics incorporated into the profession as a whole, transparency and ethics both during the accounting recruiting process, along with during and after internships and starting full time, and an analysis of potential cities in which hold potential advantages and disadvantages for both interning in and starting full-time. Each individual financial case introduces a company whose financials and accounting position will be utilized for better understanding of the topic at hand. Following company introductions, the cases pose multiple questions to guide the reader through analysis of the topic. Through investigation and analysis of the companies presented in relation to the topics at hand, an understanding of generally accepted accounting principles in relation to the accounting topics is enhanced at both the journal entry level, along with at the company wide reporting level, as well as the implications that various issues with each topic can hold for companies.

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